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The Department of Art & Art History utilizes a variety of Google webforms to facilitate, streamline, and monitor administrative processes.

Access to the webforms requires a Google sign-in account. All Stanford affiliates are granted unhindered access to the Google Drive, and the Webforms, provided the user logs into in a browser tab before using a webform. Users may access the webforms using a personal Google account; however, using a personal google account will require a user to complete extra picture-matching steps before submitting each webform to verify identity.

Suggested process:

  1. Login to in a new tab. This will log you into your Stanford Google Drive account.
  2. Return to this tab and select one of the webforms below

AAH Room Reservations

Please use the AAH Room Reservations Form to request rooms in the Department of Art & Art History. Reservation requests must be submitted via webform no later than 2 weeks prior to your desired event date. The Department will make every effort to accommodate your request using available rooms in the McMurtry Building and the Stanford Art Gallery. If no suitable rooms are available, the Student Services Specialist will contact you to identify a different date and time.

Travel and/or Reimbursement

The Travel and/or Reimbursement Form is intended to be used for:

  1.   For all reimbursement requests for expenses benefiting a Stanford-affiliate, including travel or other miscellaneous expenses (books, office supplies, image rights, etc.).
  2.   For clearing all travel card expenses benefiting a Stanford-affiliate.

Stanford Financial policy prohibits the payment of services through reimbursement. Any requests for reimbursement for the payment of services on behalf of Stanford University will not be paid. To arrange for the Department to pay for services on behalf of Stanford University, please use the Supplier Payments webform (see below). 

Guest Honorarium

Please use the Guest Honorarium Form to arrange an honorarium payment to a guest speaker or to a guest critic.

Honoraria will not be paid sooner than the date of the guest's visit; however, the department recommends submitting your honoraria payment request as soon as the engagement is confirmed. Delays in submitting your request will result in payment delays for the services.

Before submitting a webform, please confirm with the appropriate department staff to verify funding and to identify the PTA (aka the funding account) to which the honoraria will be applied. Please also gather the following information from the guest:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Email Address
  • Legal Address
  • Citizenship (Required for tax purposes; foreign speakers visiting the U.S. typically must be visiting on a  J-1, B-1, or WB visa to receive honoraria from the University).
  • If a remote guest: the country the guest will be speaking from.
  • Preferred Payment Method (Mailed Check, Electronic/ACH Deposit, or Foreign Wire). Please note:
    • Mailed Check is the default payment method and is the easiest/quickest account to set up.
    • Electronic/ACH Deposit requires payees to later input their bank routing information, requiring additional steps in the payee setup process.
    • Foreign Wire incurrs an additional $35 fee that will be allocated against your available funding. Foreign wires are typically required when paying any Foreign guest as most foreign banking instutions no longer accept physical checks. The setup process for Foreign Wire also requires additional steps in the payee setup process.

Additional considerations:

  • The federal government requires the University to withhold 30% of any honoraria payment when the payee does not have an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) or Social Security Number (SSN). If a foreign payee has an ITIN or SSN, they will also be required to claim their country's tax treaty throught the appropriate IRS forms in order to avoid the 30% withholding.
  • The Department does not permit "topping" up honoraria to account for tax withholding.
  • With limited exceptions, only non-Stanford affiliate guests may be granted honoraria to speak for your course. To pay a Stanford-affiliated guest speaker, you must first seek pre-approval from Director of Finance & Operations Elis Imboden.

For additional information, please refer to Stanford's Administrative Guide, Chapter 5.3.6 Payments to Nonemployees, Section 5. Foreign Visitors.

Guest Travel Expenses

The Guest Travel Expenses Form is intended to be used for:

  1.   For all travel reimbursement requests for expenses benefiting a non-Stanford affiliated guest, including a guest speaker or a guest critic.
  2.   For clearing all travel card expenses benefiting a non-Stanford affiliated guest.

PCard Receipts

The PCard Receipts Form is used to submit receipts for expenses charged to Faculty or Department purchasing cards (PCards) that are processed/cleared by the Finance Associate.  PCards may only be used for purchases whose combined value (including all items, tax, and shipping) is less than $4,500.00, and may not be used for any personal purchases. PCard users in violation of Stanford financial policy will be responsible for writing a check to Stanford University to clear any out-of-policy transactions. For purchases whose value equals or exceeds $4,500.00, please use the Payments for Services or Goods Form webform to arrange for the Department to purchase the items on your behalf.

Payments for Services or Goods

The Payments for Services or Goods Form is to be used by Stanford affiliates to do the following:

  1.   To arrange the setup of a supplier profile in Stanford's Procurement system in advance of future services to be rendered. Advance setup of supplier profiles reduces the time required to receive payment after services are rendered.
  2.   To pre-authorize funding in the form of a Purchase Order for future or ongoing services. Pre-authorizing funding reduces the time required for suppliers to receive payment after services are rendered.
  3.   To pay an invoice for services already rendered.

The Payments for Services or Goods Form is required for all payments for services or for purchases exceeding $4,500 in value. Stanford Purchasing Card transactions for service and equipment purchases exceeding $4,500 are not eligible for processing and/or reimbursement.

Hiring Students

Please use the Hiring Students Form to arrange the hire of a student worker or to arrange the payment of a student stipend. When determining the start date, please allow a lead time of two weeks (10 business days).

Fedex Receipts

The Fedex Receipts form is designed to be used by Department Faculty and Staff who have been granted access to Stanford's Corporate Fedex Accounts. Details about each shipment are to be recorded in a webform entry after the shipment has been arranged. A copy of the shipment receipt generated by Fedex must be included in each web submission. As an example, a redacted copy of the required document has been provided here to assist with user identification of the correct document.