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  • During your appointment, and in your role as Lecturer in the Department of Art & Art History, you will be responsible for the course(s) outlined in your offer letter, including preparation, time spent with students in class, and evaluation and grading of students. You are also expected to be available to students for two (2) hours per week per course outside of your class schedule.
  • Final versions of your syllabi are due to the Student Services Specialist no later than 90 days prior to the start of the quarter in which the course is taught. For the 2019-2020 academic year, due dates are as follows:
    • Autumn: July 15
    • Winter: November 15
    • Spring: January 15
    • Summer: April 15
  • Lecturers are not expected to participate in activities outside the scope of their teaching appointment.
  • Lecturers who wish to participate in workshops hosted by other Stanford organizations may do so, provided participation does not interfere with existing teaching responsibilities nor utilize department resources without prior consent from department management.
  • Department management pre-approval is required for all course proposals to other Stanford organizations or initiatives (VPUE, Arts Intensive, etc), when the course is contingent upon the use of department resources, including the use of classrooms, facilities, equipment, or staff effort. Please be in touch with the Director of Finance and Operations prior to submitting any course proposals for consideration.

Employment Terms & Conditions

  • Accommodation: If you require an accommodation for a disability, please contact the Assistant Manager.
  • Background Check: Your employment is contingent upon the completion of a successful background check, and employment will not begin until this process is completed. HireRight, Stanford's background check provider, will email you instructions on how to initiate the background check prior to your appointment.
  • Confidentiality Agreement: All employees are required to sign a Confidentiality Expectations Agreement.
  • Exempt: Exempt positions are not subject to overtime pursuant to state and federal wage and hour laws. There may be occasions when it is necessary to accomplish work beyond the regularly scheduled work day.
  • Health and Safety: Stanford University is committed to strong programs of accident and injury prevention and to complying with all environmental health and safety laws and regulations.  Please visit for information about Health and Safety at Stanford University: Principles, Responsibilities and Practices.
  • Immigration and Reform Act: This offer is subject to your authorization to work as required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.  You will be required to complete a verification form (INS Form I-9) and must submit two official forms of identification to complete the I-9 process.
  • Required Training: You must complete mandatory Stanford training that may include classes specific to your job function. Due to the nature of your appointment, you may be required to enroll in sexual harassment/sexual misconduct training: New academic staff employees must complete this course within 30 days of being hired:  Harassment Prevention at Stanford for Non-Supervisors (SHP-2000)  Note: you may be asked to take SHP-2000 even if you are not new to Stanford, at the discretion of your lab or department.
  • Salary/Pay Schedule: Salary is paid out in equal semi-monthly installments over the full period of your appointment, providing you with access to all necessary Stanford systems related to teaching therein. Pay dates for Stanford employees are the 7th and the 22nd of each month following the pay period worked or the nearest preceding business day if the pay date falls on a weekend or holiday. The salary is for all work performed in connection with teaching the class(es), including preparation, time spent with students in class and during office hours, and evaluation and grading of students.  We will expect, however, that you will be performing these duties only during the academic quarters (Autumn, Winter, and/or Spring Quarters) when you will be teaching.
  • Sick Leave: If your appointment at Stanford is for 90 days or longer, you are entitled to 24 hours of paid sick leave annually. You may use this sick leave for yourself or a family member: for preventative care or diagnoses, care, or treatment of an existing health condition, or for specified purposes related to domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. You should notify the Assistant Manager if you wish to use this leave, and notify Payroll by submitting a help request at
  • Stanford ID Card: Please take this letter to the Stanford ID Card Office to receive a Stanford ID Card that will allow you the benefits and privileges associated with your new appointment. For information on Card Office hours and location, please visit or call (650) 498-2273. *Stanford ID Cards must be relinquised to the Assistant Manager at the conclusion of your appointment.
  • Title: Your official title is “Lecturer” and may be used only during the appointment period noted previously.  Your title must always be used in its entirety; it cannot be abbreviated or altered and may only be used in direct relation to your teaching, learning and research activities at Stanford.
  • Termination: Your appointment is subject to termination at any time for cause, when satisfactory performance ceases, or for programmatic or budgetary reasons including lack of funding. This teaching assignment is contingent upon there being sufficient enrollment for your course. If we need to cancel your course(s) for any reason, we will let you know as soon as possible, and you will be paid only for any sessions taught and their preparation. Compensation for cancelled courses is calculated by H&S Faculty Affairs based on instructor salary. Standard minimum enrollment is no fewer than four students; however, the department retains the right to make exceptions as appropriate.
  • Transportation: For information about parking on campus and other transportation options, please visit the Parking and Transportation website at:
  • University Equipment: All equipment supplied by Stanford in order for you to perform your duties is owned by the university and is to be returned to Stanford in proper working order at the end of your appointment.
  • University Policies: As a condition of your appointment, you are agreeing to abide by all Stanford University policies, including the University’s Code of Conduct and applicable Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest policies. Your appointment is governed by the applicable policies in the Stanford University Administrative Guide located at the University Faculty Handbook located at and the Research Policy Handbook located at
  • Veteran/Disabled Status: As a federal government contractor, Stanford is required to collect certain information from employees after they are hired. If you are a veteran or an individual with a disability, please complete the Invitation to Self Identify Veteran or Disabled Status form in Axess found at