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Art Practice Course Admission Policy

Students register for courses in Axess, but that does not guarantee them a place in the course. Many studio courses are over-enrolled on the first day of class. Instructors determine admission using students responses to the AP Course Enrollment Form.

Please have students complete these by your first class meeting, as the information can assist you in determining your class list. These forms will also let you know what prior studio coursework the students have completed. If you have questions about a student's declared major/minor or any other questions about determining class lists, contact the Student Services Specialist.

When determining admission into your course, please adhere to the following priority ranking:
    1) Declared Department majors (Art Practice, Art History, Film Studies)
    2) Declared Department minors (Art Practice, Art History, Film Studies)
    3) Graduate Students in Documentary Film
    4) Waitlisted students from the previous quarter (a list of eligible students will be provided by Student Services)
    5) Undergraduate Seniors (non-Department majors)
    6) Undergraduate Juniors (non-Department majors)
    7) Undergraduate Sophomores (non-Department majors)
    8) Undergraduate Freshmen (non-Department majors)
    9) High School students (only for Summer Session)
    10) All other Graduate Students (non-Department majors)

Art Practice Enrollment Form

Every student must complete an enrollment form on or before the first day of class even if they are not admitted. The Department uses the data gathered from these forms, so please do not forget. Students must submit an AP Course Enrollment Form to be considered for admission to an Art Practice course.

Waitlisting - Too Many Students?

Waitlisted students receive increased priority for any single Art Practice course in the following quarter. In their Art Practice Enrollment Form submissions, undergraduate students may request to join the department waitlist if they do not get into your class. To qualify for the waitlist, a student must fill out the AP Enrollment Form, marking that they want to be considered for the waitlist, and not be admitted into the course. Students who are admitted to a course and subsequently drop the course are not added to the wailtist.

Course Cancellation

Courses are subject to termination at any time for any cause, including programmatic or budgetary reasons including lack of funding. If a lecturer-taught course is cancelled, the lecturer will be paid a prorated salary. In the case that a course taught by regular faculty must be cancelled, the professor should speak with the chair.

Auditing Courses

Auditing is not permitted in Art Practice, Film Production, or Seminar courses.

For Art History and Film Studies lecture courses, auditing is permitted at the discretion of the professor ONLY IF space remains after all enrolled students are accepted per the course admission policy.

This applies to all auditors, including Knight Fellows and DCI Fellows.

Stanford's Auditing Policy
No person shall attend any class unless he or she is a fully registered student enrolled in the course or meets the criteria for auditors.  Auditors are not permitted in courses that involve direct participation such as language or laboratory science courses, field work, art courses with studio work, or other types of individualized instruction (i.e., labs, seminars, case study, language, and activity courses are not permitted). Auditors are expected to be observers rather than active participants in the courses they attend, unless the instructors request attendance on a different basis. Stanford does not confer credit for auditing, nor is a permanent record kept of courses audited. Students who have been suspended are not permitted to audit.

Independent Study

Lecturers are not permitted to accept students seeking to enroll in Independent Study. Please refer students seeking independent study to a regular faculty member.

Each Art Practice Faculty member may only accept one (1) Independent Student student each quarter, and the student must have taken a course with the faculty member previously. Access to studio space or department equipment needed to complete Independent Study will also need pre-approval from the appropriate Lab Manager: Photography, Experimental Media Arts (EMA), or Studio & Sculpture. The student will not be granted permission to enroll in Independent Study nor access to the facilities until an Independent Study Form with needed approvals is received by the Student Services Specialist.

Drop Policy

The last day for students to drop classes is the end of the third week of classes.