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H&S Computer Replacement Funds

Every 42 months (3.5 years), regular faculty members are eligible for computer replacement/upgrade. The program covers a base desktop system, including an operating system and MS Office Suite (where applicable). This program does not provide for extended computer equipment needs, including peripheral devices or software beyond MS Office.   After receiving your replacement computer, your old computer needs to be surrendered to the department for proper disposal.

Your request must go through the IT Department for assessment of your current computer and future needs.  They will also take care of the purchase and setup of your new computer. 

For more information or to start the process, please visit their webpage:

Cell Phones

Cell phones may not be purchased with Stanford research funds. The only exception is when a secondary phone is needed (in addition to a professor's personal cell) and used only for official Stanford business. If a faculty member has such a need, they should be in touch with the Finance Associate who can facilitate the purchase via Stanford's IT Department.

Tablets and Other Tech Purchases

Computer Tablets (such as iPads) are treated the same as computers by the University. They are the property of the University and cannot be resold at the end of their useful life, but must be turned into the Department for proper disposal per University policies.
Wearable Technology Note: The purchase of wearable technology (Apple Watch, Google Glass, etc) with Stanford funds is prohibited by the University.