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Stanford University maintains enterprise licenses of various software applications, providing low-cost to no-cost access for Stanford affiliates. Please refer to the Essential Stanford Software website to download software at no-cost, including common productivity applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Box, Dashlane Password Manager, Qualtrics Survey Tool, and Zoom.

Adobe Creative Cloud License

Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Acrobat licenses are available for Stanford-affiliates at a heavily discounted rate using direct PTA payment through Stanford's Software Licensing Webstore. Affiliates must have a PTA with sufficient funding to purchase a license. Those without a PTA or sufficient funding in their PTA may not purchase a license at the discounted rate.

The instructions to purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud license are outlined below.

Go to:


Click the "Software Licensing Web Store" Button.


After authenticating in, click “Adobe” tab underneath Stanford/search bar

(This whole site will time-out if left alone for too long)


You should see “Adobe Named User License” underlined (not "shared device”)

At bottom, Click Adobe Creative Cloud icon


On next page, click add-to-cart button.

Note: Starting here you may notice an “important message” which is only about migrating your media already stored on Adobe cloud.  If you worked off of Adobe’s cloud before with a personal Adobe ID, this applies (showing you how to migrate the media); if not, you can ignore.  This same message appears a few times.


Next you fill out the PTAO and other info, including your Stanford email (remember this for signing into Adobe later). The Department’s Org code is PDFJ.

Project (P):

Task (T):

Award (A):

Task Org (O): PDFJ


Account Authorized signer name/phone:  This refers to the “Organization Account”, not the Adobe Account, meaning it’s the PTA’s approver  (Christopher Bennett, 6507250139)

Faculty/PI or Manager Contact Name: Elis Imboden,


The $150 is direct-charged to your PTA.


After your order is complete and approved, you should get an email with a “Get Started” button.

Click, and sign in, where you want to always pick “Sign in with Enterprise ID” option.  Use the email address you entered earlier for purchase.