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Office Support

Staff Directory

For assistance, please refer to the staff directory located on the Department of Art & Art History's main website.

IT Office Hours

The University provides weekly office hours for faculty and staff experiencing hardware or software problems. The office hours are staffed by an employee from the School of Humanities & Sciences Computer Resources Center (CRC) every Tuesday mornings from 10:00am to 12:00pm. If you would like to sign up for office hours during that window, please sign up using the IT Office Hours webform. Specific times within the office hour period are not guaranteed.

As a reminder, Office Hours are for NON-URGENT technical support. IT support consultants may assist with hardware and software issues, network connectivity, and other questions users may have during the allocated office hour time. If the request cannot be completed during office hours, the consultant will submit a HelpSU if the request cannot wait until the next office hour. Please continue to submit new and urgent issues including computer setup requests via

Stanford Services & Support

For urgent assistance or if you are experiencing difficulties not easily resolved during the IT Office Hours, please submit a help ticket request with Stanford Services & Support. Formerly known as "HelpSU," Stanford Services & Support is the one-stop shop for all help ticket needs.


Please note: Course Readers may not to be copied on department copy machines. See the section on course reader preparation for further information.

All faculty and lecturers are given a code for the copy machines in McMurtry (not including the Library). The copiers in the department are not intended for large copy needs and should only be used for department and class business. Large volume copying (or long articles) should be taken to the FedEx Kinkos copy center on campus or another offsite location.

Small volume copying may be done by your course assistant or teaching assistant using the copy machine in the Graduate Student Lounge—NOT in the Main Office, which is reserved for staff and lecturer copy needs.

All photocopy needs for faculty research should be taken to the FedEx Kinkos on campus or another vendor off campus.

Copier/Printer Use

The printers in the Main Office and Faculty Break Room are for general Department business.  All regular faculty should have a printer in their office for daily use to print personal and research material. As the Main Office and Faculty Break Room printers are shared by many in the department, no large volume print jobs are permitted.  Large volume printing may be taken to an offsite printer and the receipt submitted for reimbursement. 

The Department will cover the cost of paper for faculty printers. Toner and ink needs for faculty printers will be charged to their research account. If you have any questions about purchasing a printer or toner for personal/research printing with your research funds, please contact the Finance Associate.

Please copy and print in black and white or gray scale whenever possible. Color copies and prints cost the department 9x more than black/white.

Mailbox/Mail Policies

  • Outgoing mail boxes are located at the reception desk in the Main Office.
  • All regular faculty have a mailbox in the Faculty Break Room
  • All lecturer staff have a mailbox in the Main Office during the length of their appointment.
  • All outgoing mail posted by the department must be for department or faculty research business.
  • Domestic mail weighing over 13oz needs to be taken by the faculty member to the Post Office, as our postage software will not allow us to process anything heavier in-house.
  • International mail over 1oz requires customs paperwork and must also be taken to the Post Office by the faculty member.
  • Postage may be purchased with an individual PCard or the receipt submitted for reimbursement from your research account.


  • Most FedEx supplies are kept in the cabinets of the Main Office Supply Room.
  • Faculty wishing to mail packages via FedEx for research in-house must do so through Stanford’s online system. Each faculty member may be set up with their own online account, which ties directly to their research account. Please see the Assistant Manager for further information and training.
  • Alternately, you can take your package directly to FedEx and pay with your PCard or be reimbursed for these expenses.
  • Department business mailings through FedEx may be brought to the Assistant Manager or Finance Associate (with detailed business purpose) for processing.