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Classroom Requests

On-campus access is severely limited currently due to COVID-19. Classroom Requests will not be available until normal on-campus instruction resumes.

Room Requests

There are two classrooms (350 & 360), two seminar rooms (007 & 370), and an auditorium (Oshman Hall) in the McMurtry Building.

Room Requests for courses must be made two (2) weeks in advance with the Student Services Officer. This includes requests for rooms in addition to the one that has been pre-scheduled for your course. 

Requests must included your course title, dates, and times needed for the additional room. 

All requests are verified by the Registrar's office. Please verify that your times comply with the University's allowable times, otherwise the Registrar may not approve it.

Room Requests for special events should be directed to the Events & Communications Manager.

Classroom Audio/Visual Orientation Request

To request a McMurtry classroom AV orientation, please contact the Art Media Technologist for the Department of Art & Art History.

Classroom Tech Support

In the event that you encounter a McMurtry classroom AV problem, if Monday through Friday between 9am-5pm, please call the Art Media Technologist at (650)725-9757 to quickly address the issue.

AV Carts for McMurtry Classrooms

The Department has AV technology on carts available to support special tech needs in McMurtry classrooms.
  • Four (4) Projector Carts — Christie G Series, 1920x1200 native resolution, 6300 lumens, accepts HDMI & VGA signals.
  • One (1) Rolling Monitor — 75” Samsung Flat Display for computer or disc media playback.
  • One (1) Epson Document Camera — Useful for sharing print documents, small physical work, and fine technical demonstrations via classroom projector. Ask for a demo!
  • Two (2) Media Player Cart with multi-region BluRay/DVD player
  • One (1) Media Player Cart with NTSC compatible VCR (PAL is by available with more advanced notice)
  • Faculty, Instructors, and Staff need to have their own adapter to HDMI or VGA if they intend to use a laptop with a projector. A cable will be provided.
  • Unless circumstances call for other arrangements, carts are delivered and set up 15 minutes before class and removed after.
  • Standing orders (week-over-week) can be accommodated with the understanding that the faculty or instructor will notify the Art Media Technologist ahead of time if a cart is not needed on a given day.

Please contact the Art Media Technologist at least two (2) business days in advance with:

  1. Type of cart requested (i.e. projector, rolling monitor, media player, etc.)
  2. Classroom where the cart is needed
  3. Beginning and ending times of the class
  4. Any accessories needed (speakers, etc.)

Group Edit Lab Request (Art Practice Workstations)

There are four iMac workstations designated for all Art Practice students in McMurtry 012, but undergraduate access is by arrangement.  Available software includes entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Audacity, Processing, Cura, SketchUp and much more; additional software for your course can be installed if requested.

If your class would benefit from access to the Art Practice Workstations, or for software installation, please email the Art Media Technologist to arrange.  You may also refer single department students for access (e.g. those without access to Mac production software).

Please note: This is just for the four workstations on the left wall of Group Edit; the space is shared with Doc Film which has different permissions.  Also, this is a student workspace at all times, and not used for actual course teaching.

Recording Studio Request

The McMurtry Building recording studio offers professional recording in an acoustically treated space, and stereo or surround mixing. Software includes Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro, and Adobe CC. If a project in your class would benefit from access to the McMurtry recording studio, please contact the Art Media Technologist. Orientation and advance scheduling are required for all users.  Contact Art Media Technologist Frank Floyd for reservationt/more information.

Studio Model Request

Any art practice faculty who wish to hire models for their class should speak with the Studio & Sculpture Lab Manager for available funding and organization well in advance of the date(s) needed (4 weeks).

Models are booked by the Studio & Sculpture Lab Manager through a corporate arrangement with the Bay Area Models' Guild, which requires the department to provide a 3-week (15 business day) lead-time in advance of the model date. Requests made without sufficient lead time may not be accommodated.

After the model visit, the instructor is expected to email the Studio & Sculpture Lab Manager to confirm the attendance of the model, and to provide any feedback/comments to pass on to the agency. This serves as the Department's confirmation to authorize payment for the service.

Sculpture Shop Request

If a project in your class would benefit from access to the sculpture shop facilities, please make sure to speak with the Studio & Sculpture Lab Manager well in advance to discuss scope and logistics.

Screening Room 115 Request

Screening Room 115 is reserved for Film & Media courses.  Requests to schedule use of the space should be directed to the Film & Media Studies Technical Manager.  Requests for classes or events outside of the Department of Art & Art History are typically not approved.