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Class Materials & Equipment

Preapprovals Required

Some classes arrange to have supplies provided to students. During COVID-19 restrictions and virtual teaching, any supplies or equipment required for courses must be preapproved at least one month prior to the start of classes.

All materials and equipment must be approved by EH&S, Risk Management, and the H&S Dean’s office.

  • This approval process must go through the Area Lab Manager.
  • Approvals can take as long as 4 weeks.
  • No substitutions for approved items - different materials have different SDSs.
  • No hazardous waste or hazardous materials, they will not get approved.
  • No powered equipment.
  • Student self directed projects - instructors are responsible for overseeing safety and liability. 
  • The University requires safe material use language to be included in your syllabus, assignments,  and any additional written communication with the students.
  • Liability: Any claims arising from the use of approved kits will cause the department significant financial impact. 
  • Any unapproved materials or equipment are not allowed.

Additional Resource: Tech Desk

The Lathrop Tech Desk has several approved items for students to checkout.

  • Available resources include: Computers, iPads with Apple Pencils, sound recorders, DSLR camera kits, video cameras, and even software like Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • They have in-person pick-up and shipping options available.

Refer students to your Area Lab Manager if they need to checkout an item.  The Lab Manager will help the student get approved to checkout equipment.

  • Tech Desk approvals/rentals can take up to 48 business hours to process.